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Differences Between a Standard Cage vs Panoramic Cage

When considering a pool enclosure, you have options for both a standard-type cage around your pool to protect it, or a panoramic option. Because the differences aren’t always obvious, let’s talk about what those choices mean and what benefits they bring.

Standard Cages

Standard cages have typical panel sizes that can be easily constructed in a variety of shapes. While the size of these panels varies, they tend to be about the size of an average window. The panel can hold either a screen, or in more advanced versions, a waterproof pane that allows you to see outside. Materials may vary, but aluminum is typically used, especially for larger cages with complex roofing requirements. Sometimes standard cages are “telescoping” and can be withdrawn from smaller pools.

The primary benefits of a pool enclosure are all present with a standard cage model. You can keep away mosquitos and debris while still enjoy the sights, sounds and airflow that a screen covering allows. Standard cages tend to be less expensive than panoramic cages, but prices can vary greatly from project to project, so you should always ask for a quotation for both styles to get the bottom line before making up your mind.

Panoramic Cages

Panoramic cages are a custom version of the standard cage that focus more on views of the beautiful sunset, landscape or surrounding wildlife. The “panorama” comes from the extra-large screens or panes that are installed in these cages, usually much larger than the average residential window. These screens may cover most or all of an entire poolside cage wall. With well-maintained panes or thin screen mesh, it can feel like there is nothing separating you from the beauty of nature waiting outside. These screens have become popular in areas around Lanai, Hawaii as well as areas in Florida, including Siesta Key, Venice, Northport, Manasota Key, Sarasota, Port Charlotte, and Punta Gorda.

Of course, the panoramic view will still protect you from bugs, leaves, and other dangers to your pool – it just tends to favor views along the Gulf Coast of Florida more than the standard version. If your pool overlooks a lake, sunset, garden, grove of trees or other landmark, a panoramic cage can help highlight this beauty and ensure that you never miss it (and that nothing gets in the way of the perfect picture). You can choose to install only one panoramic pane in the direction that you want, or many extra-wide panes for a free view in every direction. If you already have a standard enclosure, it’s possible to install a panoramic section in your current structure, where you most want it.

Again, prices can vary based on the project. Panoramic cages may be a little more expensive, since they tend to require larger, high-quality panes or sections of screen mesh and durable aluminum materials for support – as well as extra-careful handling during installation, of course! If you think a panoramic clear view is just what your pool or screen enclosure needs, contact us for more information and a free no obligation estimate.

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Aluminum Pool Cage Advantages

Free Range Pools?

If you have a swimming pool in or around the Gulf Coast of Florida or anywhere in the state, you probably wouldn’t imagine life without the pool.  But, if you have that pool without a screen enclosure that is probably exactly what is happening.  A pool cage made from aluminum offers many advantages for people who live around Venice, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Sarasota, or other cities all over the state.

Advantages of a Screened Pool

Having a screened in cage on your swimming pool in the cooler months of the year helps to trap warmth.  People who own swimming pools on the Gulf Coast of Florida, and some folks who are less hardy in other parts of the state find their pools to be too cool during the winter months.  A swimming pool cage can work as a kind of heat reflector and trap heat inside, making the surrounding air and the water warmer when conditions might otherwise not be as conducive to swimming.  The enclosure can even help to keep the water warmer at night for 24 hour enjoyment of the pool during the cooler months.

There are other reasons a swimming pool cage is a nice addition to any outdoor living space and swimming pool.  There is less debris to scoop out of the pool like leaves, pollen and insects.  One thing every Floridian knows, eventually the wind will blow, and the more it blows, the more “junk” ends up in the pool.  A pool cage can help keep most of the debris and dirt from the pool, making the owner free to spend more time in the pool and reduce the cost and frequency of pool cleaning substantially.

Pool Protection

A cage on the pool can be beneficial in keeping unwanted guests from the pool.  Whether turtles, gators or uninvited next door neighbors, a pool cage can help keep them out, whether you’re home or not.  Sometimes, insurance companies will reduce rates for pool owners if they install a pool cage, or insist that a cage be installed before insuring a property.

Another important aspect of any pool cage is the number and type insects that it keeps out.  No one wants mosquitos, cockroaches, spiders or fire ants to infringe on the swimming area, or your outside dining and sitting spaces.

People who have an outdoor swimming pool, patio or seating area in Florida, but don’t want as much maintenance or upkeep should certainly consider adding a screened enclosure.  They help to keep the things you don’t want near the water or your home away:  insects, leaves, and critters and allow more time swimming and less time skimming!

Consider not allowing your swimming pool to free range.  Add a cage and get more enjoyment from your swimming pool.

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Benefits of Pool Cages & Enclosures

One of the main benefits of living in Florida is having the freedom to enjoy outdoor living, and for many that means having a pool. For many, one of the next decisions to make is how to answer the question of a pool cage. Some people throughout the Gulf Coast may go through a bit of an internal struggle on whether or not they want a screen enclosure for their patio or pool. They feel that somehow their pool area will lose some of its open feel. Others put up a custom pool cage, and have nothing but high praise for the benefits.

What is a Pool Cage?

While a pool cage might sound confining, many find that it actually can open up the living space from their home on to the outdoors, and make their pool more user-friendly. A custom pool cage goes one step further than a fence, as it completely surrounds the pool area, much like a large sun room or screened in porch. Most cages are made from aluminum and mesh screening. Because the pool is protected from the top and sides, it keeps away many things that you don’t want to get into your pool, such as tree leaves, dirt, and insects. This decreases the overall time and money needed for maintenance, and allows for the pool to remain in use all year round. It also adds an extra level of safety by shielding children, pets, and even some adults from falling into the water unprepared.

Common Enclosures

There are different options available when it comes to the design of a pool enclosure, so it is easy to find something that works with the style of your house and garden. The Mansard enclosure is most popular and has multiple sloped roofs, sits close to the house and makes the pool area feel as if it is part of the house. The Gable style has a triangular sloped roof for narrower pools and outdoor spaces, or to fit some roof lines. Custom enclosures can work within elements from different popular styles in order to fit the design of your home and outdoor living space.

One criticism some people may have had about pool enclosures is that they can sometimes block the view. Choosing a custom panoramic picture view cage can help prevent this.. Plain aluminum can look too industrial, so many choose colors such as white or bronze in order to give the area a more modern look. The mesh screening comes in different densities as well, with some more easy to see through than others. By talking to your contractor and pool cage retailer, you can find a style that will make it easy to enjoy your view and your pool simultaneously. These choices work well in the attractive communities we boast on the Gulf Coast of Florida and more where the look and feel of a pool area can make a real impact on the beauty of the whole home.